To instill the awareness that “shoes” are not only an accessory, but an “item” that play a significant role in increasing a person's life quality and a key role in leading a healthy life.
To design the shoes of women, which are very important for their social status, in a way that will reflect their beauty; and to shape them in a way that will represent their emotions; to model them in a way that will shadow forth the power, freedom and grace of women; to manufacture by using the most healthy and durable materials and to move a needle in the shoe industry.
AEK started to work in the shoe industry at 2012 by the shoe-making experience of its ancestors imagined to a precious and exclusive footwear craftsmanship "made in Turkey". The family of AEK with over 50 years of experience takes advantage of 100 skilled workers and specialists in the processing of footwear's.

In 2014, AEK began production in today's modern factory of 1600 sqm in the province of İkitelli Aymakoop area where as well known for manufacturing of leather goods and shoes, makes its debut on the international scene with its first collection of shoes. Our brands are Roe&Doe and Baboos Shoes highly well-known and sophisticated designed by our international designers.

Our main categories are the sneakers, ankle boots, biker boots, high and low heels, sandals a combination of creativity and technology that translates the running in a new style of living, strong models for more elegant and stylish models for woman.
NEW COLLECTION PHILOSOPHY AEK shoes; Sporty but also ethnic, with strong tints and natural leathers, a little garish and full of details, sometimes acrimonious and meticulous. Baboos Shoes and Roe&Doe collections expresses different ways of living while always remaining in step with the latest trends: interpreted through our creativity and craftsmanship that have always characterised the brand. The result is a unique collection in different moods. Choose your style and wear it every day.